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There’s nothing scarier than the feeling of losing control of your vehicle. The biggest culprit of traction loss is ice and snow. You’re familiar with these if you live in Minnesota. 

Winter tires are vital for driving in unpredictable winter weather, however carrying a set of snow chains will really come in handy and even could save your life. What are snow chains and how do they work? Luther Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge, your Chrysler dealer in Andover, answers a few questions below about snow chains. 

Do I need snow chains?
If you drive on icy and snowy roads, especially those that are hilly or mountainous, it’s smart to carry snow chains. 

Do I need chains if I have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive car? 
Yes, you need snow chains no matter your drivetrain. When the conditions get extreme, all-wheel-drive and four-wheel drive capabilities are no match for treacherous roads. 

What are the Minnesota snow chain laws? 
In Minnesota, tire chains of reasonable proportions are allowed when needed for safety because of snow, ice or other conditions tending to cause a vehicle to skid. You cannot use snow chains when the roads are not covered with a solid surface of ice or snow because they will cause damage. 

Are snow socks better than chains? 
Snow socks, which have become popular, are lighter, cheaper and easier to carry than snow chains. However, they do not grip the road as well as snow chains. Socks are also prone to more wear and tear than chains. 

Are snow chains one size fits all? 
Snow chains are not one size fits all. It’s very important to find chains that are the correct size to ensure proper performance and durability, as well as to avoid damage to your car. You can buy chains at most auto parts stores, where attendants can help you find the right size. 

You know that you have the right size snow chain if it fits over a properly inflated tire; you don’t have to deflate the tire to attach it. Note that you should check your car’s manual to see if you can use snow chains on it. 

How do you attach snow chains? 
Always put snow chains on before you get on the snowy, dangerous road. For a front-wheel drive vehicle, chains should be applied to the rear wheels. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, chains should go on the front. Some trucks and road conditions call for chains on all four tires. 

To attach the chain, put the car in park and engage the parking brake, place the chain evenly on the tire. You won’t be able to place the chain on the bottom of the tire that is touching the road; just fit it as best you can. 

Once all your chains are on, drive forward a few feet. Then, tighten them by using a closer link on the chains. Next, drive about 50-100 feet forward and re-tighten the chains again. Make sure to drive slowly at first and get a little bit of practice in before you hit the road. 

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