What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Changing transmission fluid

Looking for answers to the question, “What color is transmission fluid?” Generally, transmission fluid is actually clear to begin with, then dyed red for easy identification. When your vehicle is new or you get a transmission fluid flush (AKA when transmission fluid is new out of the bottle) it’s generally a deep, translucent red color. As it is used up, it does change color slightly. Want to learn more? Read on or contact us here at Luther Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today!

Understanding Transmission Fluid Color

Regular usage will change the color of your transmission fluid over time. That being said, contaminants that pass through a malfunctioning transmission filter can also change the color. Not sure if your transmission fluid is the right color? Use the guide below to see if your transmission is having issues or you’re just in need of a transmission fluid flush and replenishment:

  • Brand New Transmission Fluid: Dark red
  • Normal Transmission Fluid: Darker brick red
  • Service Your Vehicle Soon: Deep blood red/rust red
  • Service Your Vehicle Immediately: Burnt/almost black

Red Fluid Leaking from Car: What Does it Mean?

Have you noticed dark red fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle in Brooklyn Center or Coon Rapids? It’s probably a transmission fluid leak! Luckily, the color of transmission fluid makes it easy to distinguish between other vehicle fluids. That said, here are the other three main ways to tell if it’s transmission fluid leaking from your car:

  • Consistency: Transmission fluid is slick and oily like engine oil.
  • Location of the Leak: Transmission fluid usually leaks from the middle or front of the vehicle.
  • Odor: Transmission fluid has an oily/petroleum-like smell. If the fluid needs to be changed ASAP, it will likely have a burnt smell.

Get Ahead of Transmission Problems

To prevent future transmission issues or transmission fluid issues, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose the Right Fluid: Choose the correct automatic transmission fluid for your vehicle along with the proper genuine OEM parts.
  • Follow Your Owner’s Manual: Look at your car’s recommended maintenance schedule and check the owner’s manual to see any pertinent information regarding replacing the transmission fluid.
  • Keep Up with Transmission Service: Regularautomotive maintenance can help keep your vehicle and its transmission running smoothly.

Rely on Luther Brookdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for Your Service Needs

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